Powerhouse Posse Angel Amulet

$ 27.00

Keep your Angels with you where ever you go!  Represented on this amulet are the Archangel Michael (Powerful Protector),  Archangel Raphael (Healer),  Archangel Gabriel (Messenger), Guardian Angel Wings (represent the realization of our potential), and the Blessed Mother (Unconditional Love).  This is one powerful combination!  Use this tool for your prayers or meditations and let it be a reminder that your Angels are always with you and ready to bring you love, blessings, protection and healing.  Remember, you must call on them first!  This item comes with a key ring for your convenience.

**As these are all handmade and our supplies are as unique as we are, please let us pick a color for you.  These batches are hand dyed and some variability can be expected.  If you have a preference, please list your top three choices in the comments section when you check out.  We will do our best to get you what you want.**

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