Earth and Sky Cluster Mala

$ 200.00

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Let yourself get lost in this Cluster Mala.  Grounded in the earth, but reaching for the sky, this Mala gives you the best of both worlds.  An excellent tool for your work, especially as you reach for new goals.  Fashioned in the Zen style, this Mala features beautiful Quartz beads in brilliant sky colors that are paired in contrast with brown Agate beads that represent the earth.  This Mala has an earthy cluster of natural materials including reclaimed, silk sari ribbon, leather, cotton cording and mixed metals, which serve as a tassel.  This Mala measures 35 inches with an additional drop of 4 inches.  The back of this handmade, one-of-a-kind treasure is finished with two, three inch drops at the back.  Keep your feet firmly planted while you reach for the stars!

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