Timeless Turquoise Mala

$ 200.00

This Zen Style Mala is one of those amazing combinations of seemingly simple beads combined with rich, quiet beads...the kind that the harder you look at them, the more you see.  The beauty of this piece runs deep.  Created with Turquoise beads, this Mala also contains the traditional Rudrushka Seeds.  The depth and elegance of Czech crystal beads is balanced by a bit of bling in the brass bead inlaid with Turquoise and Coral. The handmade, reclaimed, silk sari ribbon tassel features blues, greens and a royal purple.  Antiqued copper and brass beads add natural accents.  This Mala measures 34 inches with an additional 6 in drop for the tassel.  Two small drops at the back measure 3.25 inches at the longest point. This one-of-a-kind, hand knotted piece is a pleasure to meditate with.

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