On a Personal Note

I have always worked in a creative field and it has, and continues to be, an amazing ride. As a mom, I have found that I have had to be constantly evolving to support the needs of a growing family. I have, as a result, taken many paths in my years, from Creative Arts Therapist, Child Life Specialist, Art Teacher, Ceramic Studio Manager, to Bead Store Owner. However, the most life changing path of all was my journey through breast cancer. 

Although that journey was, by far, the most difficult time of my life, I can not look back and say that I wished it had never happened. I created a shift in me that continues to redirect my journey. It is a part of me and it changed me completely. Most importantly, it has brought me here, to you!

It is my greatest desire to share the joy I find in the everyday now. My creations are a reflection of that joy. Live each day to the fullest, find peace and contentment in all things, walk away from the negative and breathe! “And I think to myself…what a wonderful world.” ~Camille

As a child I was deeply connected to art then foolishly (unknowingly) detached as a young adult. Spending over 20 years in the mass retail industry, my soul & spirit were begging (actually yelling at me) to return to my true self and my calling. That is when I started the journey of “doing the work”. Just recently I took a huge leap of faith, and attended an Art retreat in Bali. I knew I needed to push myself completely out of my comfort zone to shake things up. It was a giant, scary leap, not knowing anyone and traveling alone. It was just what my soul needed and it broke me open. I came back knowing I must TRUST myself, tap into my power, create my own happiness, empower others, stand in the light and, live by example with grace and gratitude.

My journey has been a wild ride of self-discovery, growth and, healing. And it has all led me here. I am now proud to call myself an Artist, Feng Shui consultant and, a good Friend.

There is power in handcrafting meaningful things with Love and Intent.  My goal is to share that power with you! ~Sharon

Now that you know a little bit about us, let us share a how Pure Awakened Energy came to be and what it means to us. Introduced years ago by a healer, we were both in very different places in our lives. As we traveled along our life paths, we realized that our roads were converging. While chatting one day, we recognized that our energies were aligned and we should join forces. We decided to become the change we wanted to see (one of our favorite quotes by Mahatma Gandhi).

Pure Awakened Energy is an embodiment of where we are in our lives. We are both in the midst of an energetic awakening that is pure of heart. It's exciting and thrilling and we can’t keep it to ourselves. By embracing the importance of “paying it forward”, our intent is to create powerful, beautiful things that can help you along your own journey of self discovery and awareness.

This is more than just work to us, it is where we truly live. It is where we nourish our souls and we call it our Happy Place. Here, we heal, we grow and, we bloom.  It is our hearts desire that our work resonates with you so that our creations may help you along your own journey.

~Camille and Sharon
Pure Awakened Energy