Love all around

I am the proud owner of many smashing bracelets and necklaces from Sharon. The quality is superb. The colors are vibrant and each piece is unique and special. Whenever I am wearing one, inevitably someone always stops to compliment me and ask where I found it. These are truly one of a kind items that are to be treasured and worn when you want to feel extra special! Her pieces are my favorites and I feel extra
pretty when I am wearing them! I also love giving them as gifts.
~Robyn Gaffin, NY, NY
It is evident that Sharon puts so much love into each piece that she creates. No matter where I choose to wear her items, I always get so many compliments. I know that each piece is unique and has a special meaning behind it. I love buying her items as gifts for the special people in my life. Sharon is so creative and I feel lucky that she chooses to share that talent by creating pieces that we can all share. Her passion and commitment to beautiful art is unlimited, and I cannot wait to see what she comes out with next!
~Lisa LaMonica, Long Island, NY

I've purchased a few gorgeous pieces of jewelry from Sharon LaMonica. The bracelets and necklaces are original pieces of art. Each one beautifully designed and made with quality. I've received compliments on everything I've ever purchased and I have also been able to find some great gifts in my price range for friends and family.

~Dr. Evelyn Heredia-Eckerle, Long Island, NY

The women that created Pure Awakened Energy offer artful, soulful, handmade jewelry, art work and fair trade items. Their work has deep meaning and intention behind it. They combine a feeling of spirituality with being fashionable and hip! That's what makes it unique. Every time I wear their jewelry, I'm reminded that there's deep meaning in everything we do. When I cannot express that, their jewelry does it for me!

~WarmlyStephanie Cleary

I received this absolutely beautiful bracelet from a very dear friend of mine who is incredibly gifted in her ability create jewelry.  Not only is this bracelet stunning to look at, I feel the loving energy that it is infused with as it sits on my wrist.

~Jeannine Rizzo Keynote Speaker, Author, Executive/Life Coach

Thank you so much for the beautiful mala you made for me, it is absolutely perfect! I use it for my meditation practice and love it so much that I wear it often as jewelry.  The lava beads are so calming and I love, love, love the buddha head - I take it with me whenever I travel overseas.

~Blessings!  Angela Murray, Auckland, New Zealand