Spiritual Charm Meanings

Our Spiritual Charm Meanings

Buddha - Represents the enlightened one, the awake one. In a seated position with both hands on the lap, this Buddha represents serenity and meditation. The Happy Buddha represents prosperity and abundance.

Chinese Coins - To increase prosperity and invite abundance.

Evil Eye – Protects against ill-wishing people who want to cause injury or bad luck for reasons of envy or dislike.

Ganesh - He is the remover of obstacles and the Lord of Beginnings.

Gyan Mudra - This mudra symbol is used for healing purposes and represents widsom, expansion, and serenity.

Hamsa or Fatima’s Hand – A peace symbol representing the Goddess whose hand wards off evil intent and radiates love.

Labyrinth - A maze, inward journey, private meditation for our path toward salvation/enlightenment.

Lotus Flower - This gentle flower represents strength, enlightenment, resiliency, and re-birth.

Luna Goddess – She is the keeper of wisdom and magical power. Enhances sacred creativity within the consciousness giving birth to light. She also represents the divine feminine within and is often used for fertility.

Namaste - A traditional greeting that bears the meaning “The Divine in me recognizes and honors, the Divine in you.

Om – The past, present & future are blended in this sound and frees the consciousness to remember its natural state of connection to infinite source energy or creation.

Spiral – A symbol that reminds us of our evolving journey in life. A universal pattern of growth and evolution.

Tree of Life – Many branched tree illustrating the idea that all life on earth is related.

Triskele - Three spirals can be a symbol of rebirth. For many, this Celtic symbol represents the mind, body, and spirit.

Yin Yang – Unity between all opposites. Balanced consciousness.