The Philosophy

Here at Pure Awakened Energy WE BELIEVE:


* The ONLY constant in life is CHANGE
Welcome it in…change equals growth! Break free from your comfort zone and greet the world head on. Align with what you seek to be, do and feel. Live in the moment and accept the change that comes your way. It is meant for you! Embrace it and you will be rewarded.
* We ALL need a little HELP, GUIDANCE, SUPPORT, and ENCOURAGEMENT along our journeys…
We do not travel through this life alone. We all touch other lives. Lift and empower others. Make a conscious choice to touch people in a positive manner. Reach out. Make a positive connection, and don’t be afraid to seek and accept help along the way.

* There is POWER in making connections and sharing information…
Network and align yourself with who and what you aspire to. Teach and share your story. It is a gift! We all want to make a connection and make a difference. Build each other up. It can only serve to make the world a better place.
* That in planting seeds of INTENTION and watering with LOVE, we develop strong roots to GROW and wings to FLY
What you think, you create. Big dreams require action to come to life. Free lunch is hard to come by…do the work! You must take care of yourself along the way to fearlessly go where your heart leads you. Believe…Reach…Fly!
* It takes COURAGE to grow up and become who you REALLY are… ~e e cummings
We are so used to the world telling us who to be. Let that go. Break through the fear to discover yourself. Truly listen to your hearts desires. Blossom!
* Amid the clanging, chaotic NOISE of the world, we must QUIET our minds if we wish to HEAR the sweet whispers of LIFE and HEALING… ~Greg Baer, MD.
Slow down…life moves fast enough! You cannot be clear if you don’t let the dust settle. Take time to reflect and be mindful of all of life’s beauty. Listen to that quiet voice. Let it guide you.