Desert Skies Mala

$ 200.00

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This extra long, Zen Style Mala is just so beautiful in its simplicity.  Created with Sandlewood and Ebony Wood beads, the tiny treasures in this piece are the pops of crystals and the hint of red cotton cording that make up the knots between the beads  The handmade, reclaimed, silk sari ribbon tassel is inspired by the subtle hues of a serene sky at sunset.  Uniquely hung from a wooden ring, this tassel is accentuated with metallic leather and antiqued bronze Buddha beads. This Mala measures 46 inches with an additional 7 in drop for the tassel.  A single, decorative drop hangs 2 inches from the back of the Mala.  This piece is long enough to wear around your neck in a double wrap. 

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