Guardian Angel Protection Amulet

$ 12.00

You can never have too many Angels supporting you!  Our Guardian Angel Amulet Protection is the perfect, go anywhere talisman, for anyone!  Small enough to clip to your purse, key chain, zipper, or belt loop, but substantial enough to hold in your hand for prayers, petitions, and meditations.  Our angel charm features a tiny medallion with the Guardian Angel on one side (to protect you from danger) and the words Pray For Us on the other.  Copper Angel Wings serve as a reminder that your angels are with you, you just need to remember to call upon them when you need them.  They are always there, waiting in the wings so to speak, to help support you.  A hand beaded Angel and reclaimed silk chiffon ribbon mini tassel make this protection clip and beautiful as it is powerful.  This is an amazing and powerful gift to give to loved ones, just remember to love yourself just as much as everyone else in your life!  Please note that this amulet is sold as a clip only.

**As these are all handmade and our supplies are as unique as we are, please let us pick a tassel color for you.  These batches are hand dyed and some variability can be expected.  If you have a preference, please list your top three choices in the comments section when you check out.  We will do our best to get you what you want.**

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