Serenity Stones

$ 15.00

Our mini Deity Statues sit upon an agate slice, adorned with the beauty of the world around us.  This mini stone makes a wonderful addition to our Mini Altar Sets or to your meditation space. Set up your Serenity Stone in a happy place you can visit every day.  These are especially helpful at work as they remind you to breathe and call in your clarity and serenity. 

It is our hope and intent that you share in the energy we pour into each one.   Every piece is made with Love and wonderful thoughts of serenity, good luck, and the reminder to be present and welcome in the good Chi.  These are wonderful gifts with blessings to keep or to share.

Agate slice varies in size from 1" - 2".  Deities include Buddha, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Naga Kanya, and The Blessed Mother.  Crystals and gemstones vary but can include Citrine, Quartz, Tourmaline, Adventurine, Pyrite, Goldstone, Amethyst, and many others. Brass statues range in size from 1"-1.75" tall.  They are a perfect size for a window sill or other narrow space. No two are alike.

Read about the meanings behind our Deity Statues here.

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